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Company Introduction

Provide full value for their stakeholders.

Vision Mission Values


To be a world-class IT solution and service provider creating value and excellence for global partners.


To commit to our clients’ success by providing high-quality, professional service. To fulfill our social responsibilities by providing a platform to attract talents and help them realize their potential.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our culture. We believe in staying true to one's self and one's word, and consider integrity to be a core value of our services.

Customer Focus
We care about our customers: your problems and needs are our problems and needs. We will devote ourselves to providing customized solutions that exceed your expectations and give your business an edge.

We pride ourselves in powering businesses with relentless innovation in technologies, approaches, methodologies and processes. zivsoft employees are dedicated to improving the agility and scalability our clients’ businesses and both are rewarded by the results.

We encourage good relationships among our employees to promote the trade of ideas and foster a collaborative spirit. We also team up with our clients to make an alliance that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We never settle, but continually improve upon our work to ensure we provide our clients the best possible service and most up-to-date solutions. Our standards for excellence enable our clients to benefit their own customers.

Management Team

Social Responsibilities

Just For You China


2016.04   Wins 2014-2015 China IT Services Model Enterprise Award for Financial Industry
2016.01   Extends ith 1Strategy

2015.09 Awardeg Enterprises.
2015.06 Hope Primary School Established.
2015.06 Co. Ltd.
2015.06 Set up a Wholly-owned Subsidiary in Singapore.
2015.05 Acquired Piraeus Data LLC in the US.
2015.03 Wins Suppliers Annual Award of Alibaba Group.
2015.03 Awarded 2014 Global Best Services Outsourcing Suppliers -- Top n China.
2015.01 Awarded IT Time Weekly 2014 Best Solutions.

Awards & Certifications

IDC's Top 10 China-based Offshore Software Development Providers 

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